Welcome to my world! 

These images are the result of countless hours spent doing what I love - being in nature. Since the first few camping trips as a young kid, I was hooked - being in the bush, exploring,  documenting. It has been a persistent force throughout school, university and beyond, pulling me out of home, getting me motivated and ... out there. 

My first real passion was birds. Growing up in Brisbane, there was certainly no shortage of birds. I can still vividly remember trying to position myself under the big tree in the front yard to see lorikeets taking off, hoping to catch a glimpse of the underwing of the Rainbows and Scaly-breasteds. I wanted to know exactly what the underwing pattern was, and how it was different between the species.  From birds, I started branching out -seabirds presented a different type of challenge to other birds. Then I started taking more notice of the reptiles and mammals. And what about those butterflies! Most recently, a degree in Botany/Zoology at the Australian National University taught me the fascination of plants, including native orchids.

All the while, I have adding to my knowledge and passion for the natural world. Since getting my first DSLR back in 2008, I have sought more and more to document the amazing variety of natural life that occurs here in Australia. This country is home to a unique set of fauna and flora, some well documented, others completely unknown. On this website, I hope to showcase some of this diversity. 


If you wish to contact me with questions or wish purchase any of my photos, please email me: tobiashayashi@hotmail.com